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I have had Fibromyalgia since high school. I am a grandmother now and have suffered with this disease literally my whole life. As each year progresses, my disease has worsened. I have been to the point where I stay at home doing nothing. My family had to do everything for me. I have seen many health care providers with little to no hope. In just a few weeks, Dr. Lee has given me new hope. I feel as if I have my life back. I managed to cut out over 3,500 dollars a month in prescriptions and I am actually happy to do housework - even dishes! I can't thank Dr. Lee enough for helping me re-gain my life.
Susan, Flagstaff
I have seen Dr. Lee since he moved up to Flagstaff, My previous Chiropractor moved away and he suggested I give Dr. Lee a try. Truthfully, I was afraid. I have had some rough chiropractors and I didn't benefit from their treatment. My Dr. told me he is the gentle-est one he knows. We were sad to see our old one go, but he was right, Dr. Lee was not only gentle, but very understanding of our needs. He is worth the trip! I have other chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors in my town, but I will always make the trip to Flagstaff when it really counts.
Trudy, Williams
My daughter has had serious digestive issues that have not been resolved with traditional medicine. We went to natropaths, medical doctors, gastro-entrologists and nobody could find anything wrong. Frustrated, we heard about a machine that Dr.Lee has that can assess your body systems, show the imbalance and provide nutritional recommendations to correct the imbalance. I was skeptical, but desperate. Wow, was I surprised! In less than a month, my daughters condition subsided. If we would have done this first, we would have saved hundreds on waisted visits with no results. I finally got around to writing this testimonial and I can safely say that my daughter's condition never returned even months later. Thank you, Dr. Lee.
Jeff, Snowflake